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Originally Posted by WindieFan
Perhaps if you wasn't so blood hungry for a Bang win you wouldn't look so foolhardy in the aftermath?!! the fact is you were jumping to conclusions and pretty much writing off Wi's chances even though it's common knowledge that batting last on a 5th day pitch is tough for the best of teams, let alone the lower ranked one's,

As for your last point, i frequent cricket boards that welcome all fans, WI boards have a tendency to descend into silly "national" wars which i haven't got the time for, so you can stick your "troll" remark where the sun don't shine thank you very much!! .
The reason I criticize our winning this game or not is because I cared to criticize rather than be a delusional fan boy that thinks the team can't do no wrong and always are in a winning position when they clearly aren't. But nice trying to cover yourself for not being another poster on a WI forum that IS trolling those forums as well.
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