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Originally Posted by zsayeed
etaki guilty conscience thread naki bhai - then i have confessions to make.
Another example. There is this stuck up chick in my class. She is, for what it's worth, Caucasian. I sit next to her. And it is well known because of my appearance that I am a foreign born.

So she was absent and next time asked almost all students around me for notes. At first glance the obvious interpretation was "she is a stuckup b who doesn't want to stoop to Indian looking guy for notes as it is well known that he will hit on her and guys from that part of the country is creepy".

Yes, that statement flashed in my mind in an instant. So although at first glance I assumed that prolly she is on her high horse to ask me for help, immediately another thought came up when I calmly meditated on it seconds later it dawned on me...

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