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Here you go again. Now you can't find anything better to fall back on so you go back to making immature personal attacks. lmao chuck e cheese? Really?

The clown himself says Wallace is being wasted at Steelers and would do great in a Niner uniform! leads me to question how can it be so if you go from Ben to Alex.
Wallace would be great in ANY colors, a cow could fetch for him and he'll house it all day. I said niners will be suit him perfectly, not better or worse. It has more to do with team situation and combination than just the QBs. I'm pretty clear on that on my posts. And again 9ers QB is not better but safer and fit. So IDK why you were making comments on Ben > Alex.

I can see where you clearly took my posts the wrong way, and now you are just arguing like a 13 year old just for the sake of it and getting worked up over nothing.

As a fan of Wallace's speed and 3 back to back years of fantasy owner, I'd love see him w/ the 9ers. If he does leave he should come here over some place. Or even consider the Niners over Pits (ya I said it. Now lets here you bang your head about it.. )
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