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Originally Posted by godzilla
Come on now, Flintoff > Kallis as a complete allrounder? Nah man. Kallis was a complete allrounder, Flintoff was more of a bowling allrounder. You probably would pick Flintoff the BOWLER ahead of Kallis but in no world would he top Kallis as the better allrounder.

And did I read Ashwin > Shakib as a complete allrounder? Lol. As a bowler, yes. As an allrounder ... LOL.

Just like Kallis, Shakib is a complete allrounder. Not someone who can bat a bit or bowl a bit. It's questionable of he will end up as an atg but that doesn't mean he is not a complete allrounder. Ashwin and Jadeja are both bowling allrounder, no one expects them to win matches with the bat.

Shakib isn't comparable to Ashwin as an all rounder? Wow. Just because Shakib-Al-Hasan plays for an inferior team like Bangladesh and considered as a vital cog in Bangladeshi lineup doesn't necessarily mean he would've been treated similarly if he had played for other top teams.

Had he played for a superior team he wouldn't have been selected just for his bowling or batting alone, which means he isn't a complete allrounder. If u truly believe that shakib is skillful enough to get I to the indian or southafrican side just as a batsman or as a bowler then I've to say that u r living in ur own lala land.

Shakib is an excellent allrounder but he still hasn't achieved much to be compared to players like Flintoff or kallis. And statement like "he's way better allrounder than Ashwin" is just hilarious. Ashwin is an excellent bowling allrounder whereas shakib is an excellent batting allrounder.

I'll put shakib ahead of Ashwin in lois due to his ability to score quickly, but in tests Ashwin is slightly ahead as an all rounder. Unlike shakib neither does he consistently play against minnows like Zimbabwe nor does he get enough chance to bat to pad his batting stats.

But shakib as an all rounder is highly overrated in this forum. Some ppl even call him GOAT... LOL. Shakib is a good allrounder in lois but he still hasn't crossed the level of pre ban hafeez or daniel vettory. Players like Flintoff, kallis r still way ahead of him.
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