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Originally Posted by Beamer
Kessel will be traded at deadline if Leafs falter. I do like their team. They got speed to kill. They give us nightmares. Leafs and Habs have our number.
Kessel won't be traded. At least not this year, unless he actually comes out and asks for a trade.

Nonis has said multiple times that he will not blow-up the team, and will continue to build on top of what we have. Plus it makes no sense for us. We will never get the value we dealt him for, meaning we'll maybe get a top 5 pick or a blue chip prospect or two. The best case scenario in that case is if one of the players turn out to be as good as Kessel, but that will probably take another 5 years. That would sound good if Kessel was like 30-35. But he's only 25, which is roughly the same age as the rest of our core. We finally have a balanced offense now. While getting a #1 C is essential, dealing our #1 winger for him takes us back to the situation Sundin was in.

I just don't see how trading Kessel makes any sense for us, since we are not going to be doing a Oiler-esque rebuild. The problem with the team lies in defensive depth/personnel, and a lack of physical presence. While Randy C's system is good, having 2 AHL caliber D (Kostka/Fraser) leaves your defense prone to fatal errors.
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