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Originally Posted by Beamer
Will you guys take Tangradi+Depres( or, Morrow )+ a pick for Kulemin? Malkin keeps crying about this dude all the time. I go to this Sushi place a lot near my house where a lot of Pens hang out. Malkin basically lives there. Every time his buddy Kulemin is in town, he is on a date with
Damn, it's pretty cool that you guys go to the same restaurant. Have you seen him in person?

If we were shopping him, I would take Morrow + Tangradi + 2nd for him. That's a really solid offer for us, and I don't see many teams topping it. I'm not sure if he's available or not, as there hasn't been any reports to suggest either way.

Kulemin is a very good 2-way winger, who is best described as a hybrid power forward. He is a bull on skates who drives to the net, works great along the boards, and is a tenacious forechecker. A couple of the assists he has gotten is a direct result of the D turning it over because of his pressure down the wing. His finishing ability is that of your 15-20 goal scorer. If you consistently give him good chances around the net, that total can jump to 25-30 goals.

So basically, you're looking at a very complete player, who can do it all except for making plays. There is a lot to like about this guys game. He would be pretty nasty on Malkin's/Crosby's wing.

Originally Posted by Beamer
I lost interest in Jordan Staal. Heard he isn't too hot in Carolina right now. Sutter is fitting in well. Wish he scored a bit more but his defensive game is spot on. Great face off guy as well.
He's done exactly as advertied. Excellent defensive game, and effective on the offensive end. I think the people who are complaining about him are the ones who expected him to turn into a 1B type center (60-70 pts) due to the increased ice-time. People often fail to realise that a player's production is not linearly related to their ice-time. They also forget contributions that do not show up on the score sheet. His current production + defensive play fits Staal/Semin a lot better than another high scoring forward, as Sohel bhai pointed out.

The SJ/Ana game was really good. Very close contest, like always, with supreme display of skill from both teams, and goalies. The Ducks dominated for the most part, but couldn't make it count until a very lucky bounce for Koivu, and an absolute blast by Souray. Sharks looked a step behind them for the most part. Kyle Palmieri and Sami Vatanen were very impressive. Palmieri has a lethal release, and some soft hands which allow him to work some magic in tight spaces. Vatanen is just a very good skater on the back end, who looks to be in the mold of Gardiner and Justin Schultz. On a couple occasions he effortlessly went around Sharks players and made everybody else look a step slower than him. This Ducks team is for real. I can see them going deep this year if they stay injury free, and get consistent goaltending.
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