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Originally Posted by Sohel
Just Sharks just lost their first game in regulation time to the Ducks. The Ducks looked solid after a lucky bounce had them tie the game at 1 a piece.

The Sharks have been running out of steam after beating us in the playoffs, and other teams in the West, especially Chicago, St. Louis and Anaheim will run them just as dry. Most teams in the West, other than the Flames, can have the same effect on them also during this hypercompetitive season in a hypercompertetive conference in the most competitive league in professional sports.

I reckon the Oilers to be the Kings of this year, although the Kings can easily come together at the right time and start peaking during the playoffs. But they'll need to pull things together pronto down in Hollywood because this is a truncated season.

They need to find a way not to peak too soon. I still feel they're at least one great, pure goalscorer short of winning the Cup. Maybe Couture will evolve into that role but not for at least two years.

We'll probably make the playoffs again this year bit won't be a contender with only 2 solid defensemen (Kronwall and Ericsson). You need 6 of those, and unless Kenny makes some solid moves before the playoffs and Brendan Smith learns to play NHL defense and really step up, we'll fall 2 or 3 men short. Our offense will do fine even if Franzen continues to underachieve and Bert stays hopelessly Bert. Datsyuk, Hank, Filppula, Helm, Cleary, Brunner, Nyquist, Eaves, Abdelkader and Miller will do their jobs for sure, and the newer ones may even step up to the next level.
Don't get me wrong. I think Sharks are a superb team. See no weakness. But, the playoff pedigree is missing, and until they change it, its hard for me to see them winning a cup. Maybe, this is the year.

Oilers have no defense bro. No real goaltending either. I see them missing playoffs, unless they address the defense. They will eventually have to move on from some of the stud forwards they have picked over the years of having the no.1 pick. Soon their rookie contracts will be up and they will all command high salary elsewhere. I think they are a perfect dance partner with Pens. We have a plethora of high end young defensive prospects and they have wingers galore.

Yes, can never write off the Champs. Kings will be around.
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