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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
Dear Rifat bhaiyo,
As Salamu Alaukum!

1. Do you believe in: The Sylhetier the vine, the sweeter the wine? (in place of wine, please imagine Rooho Afza)

2. Rifat dosto, please bhai, kishu mone koro na I am asking you this. If one thinks of fornication...just thoughts I mean, even maybe 24 hours a day, no touching or committing though - Would that person be forgiven? Is that considered Shakira gunnah or Kabirah gunnah?

3. Is it a sin to watch my el dominicana neighbors twerk on Dyckman street in the summer evening and then let impure thoughts enter my mind? I don't do anything, just thoughts and smile. Will I be ever forgiven?

4. Is it a sin to hug and double cheek kiss while greeting Onattio (non-relative) latina, Italian and French female acquaintances?
Sometimes we cannot help it. They approach first, then you can not back out. Otherwise it is considered rude. What am I to do?

Thank you Rifat, in advance. Again these are very serious questions and why do I ask Rifat all these? Because he is genuine man of faith and he has studied the real Tariqaa.

Mod bahis, please do not be mad and angry. We are all adults here + these valuable answers from Rifat would be very helpful for young people like myself and many other young members in BC who also are going through tough time in life, and have these questions in mind, they just do not ask, lojjaboshoto.

Dada to purai beyonce (NOT bouncy) hoye gelen.. absolute slaughter.. hhs
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