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Originally Posted by mufi_02
1. how was your time in Colorado? what are some of the places/activities in and around Denver that you would recommend?
2. tupac/Eminem/snoop dog -- pick one and why?
3. how do you keep consistency in your practice of religion? I mean I think I used to be more religious in the past. More dogmatic I would say.
4. any plan for hajj/umrah anytime soon?

now for a controversial topic

5. how do I resist the temptation of all these sylethi girls around me? don't say to marry one.
1. Alhamdulillah! I loved my time in Colorado. They have a very beautiful thriving and growing Muslim community there with wonderful people. If you are in Colorado, I would definitely try to hit up Colorado Springs(any season: summer, winter doesn't matter). the view is just breathtakingly beautiful surrounded by mountains and amazing colors that make you say subhanAllah! how Awesome is the creator who created such beauty. Colorado is one of the best places in the world to go Hiking, Skiing and snowboarding.

2. Always been a big Eminem fan. that guy knows how to rap. his latest diss on Trump was just too good.

3. Love. I love Allah and his messenger(SalAllahu A'laihe wasallam). it's the love that keeps you going...

4. Insha Allah I am gonna go this year.

5. I was gonna say to marry one but I have this advice instead

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