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Originally Posted by Orpheus
THe first and foremost thing in achieving something great is the ability to genuinely believe that you can, without any doubts whatsoever. It is actually a scientifically tested observation, not a philosophical nonsense.

What you are saying is called DOUBTS in thy love!!! Never will there be happy ending in such cases!!

Bangladesh WILL reach round 2.
philosophical nonsense turns into scientifically tested observation over time as science catches up with our minds.
its more essential for the players to have that genuine belief without doubt, which they never lacked less than current time. in a story in bhorer kagoj, they interviewed each player about the world cup. when asked to pick the favorite team to win the world cup, a good number of them chose bangladesh.
then again, all the players will choose bangladesh when this interview will be done on the preset of the 2011 world cup.
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