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Originally Posted by Orpheus
Since you will most likely not be in the stadium, you may think your thoughts will not affect the team. You are posting on a WORLD WIDE WEB.. anyone has access to your posts, including yes our players....

Here is a scenario:
Tamim and Sakib never played India before. This is a very new experience for them. They need our absolute trust and support....If Tamim and Sakib finds out the whole country thinks they can beat the shitt out of any team in the world, they WILL make every bowler crap in their pant.. but if they see most are doubting with their huge brain, the doubt will reflect in their batting style.... will end up in reckless or overly cautious - restricted unnatural batting....

:f lag::fla g:
i'm sure you know about studies done about thoughts affecting life in general. here's a site that talks about discrete patterns of crystal formation after freezing water affected by different thoughts. here's a bit more unbiased look at the whole thing.
so yeah, internet is one of the ways to get our support through to our team. just the fact that we are rallying behind them boosts their confidence.
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