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Originally Posted by Fazal
I am posting what the players already knows. That is: on paper they are not supposed to beat teams like India, but in any given day specially in ODI anything can happen in a single game i.e. they are not out of any hope.

Its not fan's doubt ... its fan's realistic expectation out of them. Beating India is still doable but every thing needs to fall in our favor. And I trust our players brains and that's why I am not worried. Thanks god they are not as smart as you are, otherwise they will also start trying to make something out of nothing. At least, I think most of these players have better grasps of logic 101
heh. thank god our players are not as logical as you are (as much as you wish them to be). if they are thinking like that, THEN we are in trouble.

fazal bhai, i'm just pulling your leg. but how can you not see orpheus' point? this is a site for bangladeshi cricket fanatics. we are on the verge of the biggest thing there is in the world cup, and our own team never looked better. the guy expected everyone to be full of that dream that makes you see sumon holding the cup in his hands. this silly little prediction game was to be just another way to show how nuts we are for our team, choosing bangladesh to win over india (which is clearly a dumb choice if we go strictly by odds).
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