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Originally Posted by shovon13
fazal bhai, i'm just pulling your leg. but how can you not see orpheus' point? this is a site for bangladeshi cricket fanatics. we are on the verge of the biggest thing there is in the world cup, and our own team never looked better. the guy expected everyone to be full of that dream that makes you see sumon holding the cup in his hands. this silly little prediction game was to be just another way to show how nuts we are for our team, choosing bangladesh to win over india (which is clearly a dumb choice if we go strictly by odds).
How can I see orpheus' point when there is no point at all? Don't fall into orphy's trap. He agrue like my 6 years old nephew and has a foul mouth like my 80+ years old grandpa.

Who said I am not going to root for BD against India? Please reread my message in this thread to get the fact straight. I just spend $100 to split the cost with my firend for mainly watching BD playing against India and Sri Lanka and some weekend games. For most of the other games I will be at work or out of state. Why do you think I spent that money? Hoping to see BD loose or Hoping to see BD win?

I know some of you guys wanted to pull my leg for a while. But wrong timing my friend. You guys really dissapointed me.
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