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Originally Posted by BanCricFan
7.1 Shahadat to Bashar, no run, good bouncer whistled pass the helmet, Bashar thought about the hook for a second but to his credit restraint himself and allowed the ball pass by to the keeper. Well done Bashar!

7.2 Shahadat to Bashar, OUT! Oh dear! A good length ball on the off-stump came back a little, Bashar caught on the crease, front-foot glued to the ground, ball hits the pad on the middle and off, plumb LBW.

Thats it! He should call it a day now! Thanks for the memory, Bash!
actually the details should've been like this:

49.6 Mashrafe to Bashar, OUT! Well bowled slower offcutter. Totally decieved him and crashed into the middle stumps. And the crowd boos him even after a 210 ball century. Well played.
bashar strike rate 48.6. 102 runs of 210 balls.
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