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yawn...yawn..same old 'fata kolshi'..I did this, did that, played this, watched that, been there, done that..getting boring and frankly I don't have the time to read your profane garbage any more. Its more or less the same. You never made any sense when it came to hockey, specially, the new hockey post lock-out. You probably skated around in some rink with the tunes of ABBA, and bingo, I am a hockey player! Give me a f***in break. You may have a lot of chamchas half your age in this forum, but that doesn't impress me. Save your constant drumbeat of shameless self promotion for yourself, or beat off to your softy girlfriend Nicole.

Your donkey town that is Detroit, can't even fill the seats for their DeadWings. Its a known fact that they fail to sell out even during the playoffs. You are too knee deep into denial to acknowledge that. Maybe the folks, though living in trailers and ghettos, don't like the trapping-obstructing game that their team play. PMSing Swedish grandmas probably turn them off. You wouldn't know it. Like I said, bandwagon fan..

Pens were never a one hit wonder since 1990, save a stretch of few years in mid 2000. We have made the playoffs in a tough Conf for a lot of years in a row. We had to deal with Devils, Rangers, Flyers and Islanders every year in the tough group that we are in. Compare that to Deadbeats group : St.louis, Chicago, Nashville wonder they win the Presidents as often as they had.

You play hockey, surf, rugby..too bad Bangladesh never win in anything . We have too many jack of all trades, though I suspect, like them you are also a master of none.

Your sissy DeadWings will have to deal with some tough choice in 2009. Take that blindfold off and maybe you can reason. Get a calculator. Its not that tough.

Trailer park is obviously your favorite thing as you keep repeating it. I haven't seen too many, only because I didn't live anywhere near Detroit. Get the movie 8 Mile. Thats where your honkeytown folks reside.

Now go get your medication. You are completely out of control and please act your age. Nobody gives a rat's a** about your page long replies. I am sure in the middle of the night, you wake up and marvel at your 10,000+ posts in a matter of year, and pat yourself on the back, while your blow up doll named Nicole stares at you..
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