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Calm after the storm reply :

Super 8 "projectors"! Now, thats funny. Good one..

Here are the list of things that Beamer excels in. I will engage in self promotion for a bit: Collect Cindy bobble heads, Cash in my govt. checks every month, Watch sports on black and white tv that sits on a milk cart, access internet from a public library, exchange food stamps for a game tkt to the Pens, shine shoes for a living..etc. etc..Pardon my ignorance, but, what is F100 job you are talking about? Sounds very interesting. Just like you though, I have no massah's to report to, except once a week, when a guy calls me from New York to get updates for my week. He goes by the name of CFO. Strange name, isn't it? BTW, he keeps mis pronouncing a dear cricketing term , "edge" all the time. He likes to say " Hedge"! What is he, French? Anyway..enough about me. Its making me blush.

Detroit is also poverty. ArmPitt is Football town first and home to the greatest collection of QB's of all time. To name a few : Namath, Unitas, Montana, Kelly, Marino and some not so prominent like, Bulger, Ferrote. Arm Pitt is hedging is future on Bio-tech, medicine, robotics etc..all futuristic stuff and too hard for me to comprehend, courtesy UPMC and Carnegie Mellon U. I heard once it contributed to the development of the USA by suppling steel, coal and banking..

Are you gonna count the cups from the era of six teams only? That is so dinosaur era. You have five in modern times. We have two. But, watch us catch up in the next ten years. You will have nightmares. No stopping us.

OK. No more bickering from my end. Now, please have some sympathy on the underachieving loser bum. I have to go eat my lunch now. Two piece of wonder bread, a slice of govt. cheese, a glass of cool aid. yum yum..
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