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Default BanglaCricket and I

A revisionist history.

I had been aware of the pre-BanglaCricket site at rivals/test-status since its inception. I recall exchanging some early emails with Tehsin several years ago about the site (how good it was) and linking from Virtual Bangladesh et al. However, my visits to that site were rather infrequent and I never did peruse the forum.

In those early days (early 90s), I was an active lurker and semi-active participant on on usenet and was avidly following the development of cricinfo as it started as a fan driven site.

Here is an early testament to my credentials as the #1 Bangladesh cricket fan. This post on rsc was made about 14 years ago.

I was then following cricket and Bangladesh cricket mostly through rsc and Cricnfo. (Here is a post I made on this forum about the lengths I went to "watch" Bangladesh cricket).

During this time I had stopped visiting the original site and then suddenly realized that it has had a rebirth as BanglaCricket with a vibrant and active community of BD rcricket fans and well-wishers. I started visiting this site more often late last year and joined the forum sometime early this year. The powers that be decided that they could con me into being a moderator. I fell for the con.

The rest is history - at least my personal BC history.

This does not give the early history of BC but I am sure Tehsin/FW/Arnab/Chinaman can unearth some stone tablets and give us their story.

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