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Originally Posted by ZunaidH

I believe BD still plays for "ijjot" and not as champions. Only when people insult their ability is when they step up (i.e. NZ win). That's why in interviews they keep repeating how they are improving and can never proclaim that they are here to own and win. Missing the champion attitude. Why is "ijjot", how others evaluate us, more important than winning at all costs all the time. Kobay pabo ?

A Ranting Fan

PS. Before anyone judges my comments, I am a BD fan since I am 8 and from the days of Yousuf Rahman Babu and Azhar Hossain Shantu, where we lost and lost but always came back to die another day.
Zunaid Bhaiya,

Very good points and thread.

We as a people, in our collective psyche - we are a very 'insecure' group of people!
And that is why you will see, here in BC, when some nobody from some back alley comes and trolls around, some of us get all worked up - some of us cannot help ourselves from responding to them, and blah blah blah,..

We are extremely insecure, when it comes to everything, I mean everything in life - In relationship, marriage, man-woman relationship, social context, as students, as professionals, when it comes to money....And of course, Zunaid bhaiya, we have to be insecure as professional sportsman as well. It is deeply embedded in our collective psyche.

We worry about what other people say or think of us, how other people look at us (just like you pointed out) and we lose sleep, night after night. We never think about "what WE think about our own selves". We never take constructive criticism well, why? Because we are insecure. We are never worried about our own shortcoming, but to point figure at x, y, z in order to self-soothe ourselves that it is someone else' fault. We do not criticize our own self, we hate others when we deny to look at our own self at the mirror.

We do not know how to compete and outperform our own self, push us to the limit - let alone 'beyond'.
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