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There are several reasons for BC not to allow posting of unsolicited ads directly to these forums. I am speaking solely as a private member and not in my capacity as a BC volunteer.

A major reason is financial:

BC is run by a group of volunteers as a non-profit organization. Just because it is non profit does not mean that it does not have any expenses. In order to continue to provide this wonderful avenue for BD cricket fans to gather and confabulate, we need revenues. There are hosting costs, there are software costs, there are costs to expand the services we would love to offer (statistical databases et al). So far we have managed to so much by dint of thousands of free hours provided by our volunteers, some ad revenue (Google), selling hosting, and donations from our members. We do need to have a steady revenue stream to ensure continuing viablity of BC and its future growth.

Now that BC has become one of the prime spots for cricket fans, we are getting more and more of these ads that are posted. These organizations are intending to get a financial benefit by virtue of BC traffic. There is no other way to say it. BC needs a piece of the pie. There is a quid pro quo. Buy an ad here.

As I write this, I see an interesting opportunity here. In line with your thinking, this forum could be a Craig's list like for pay classified ad section. Pay X dollars and BC can put your ad here.

Just some personal thoughts.
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