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BDFlag What we Need to Move Forward from Here

I'm not going to be too negative here. I have better ways to vent, thank GOD for being one over a hundred million of the best fans in the world, bar none. But I will post my Facebook status update here before suggesting what we must do now.

Facebook status update:

Sohel Nadeem Rahman thanks the West Indian cricket team for bringing us within 20 runs of the World Cup quarter finals. A near miracle considering our defeatist Australian coach, clueless selectors and corrupt cricket board. Bring on the reckoning fellas, the proverbial chicken has indeed come home to roost!
1. A BCB Tsar who will: -

- Generate revenue and reinvest the money into the NCL and A Team cricket.

Invest in divisional teams, including state of the art facilities and qualified, proactive, passionate, foreign coaches for each and every one of the NCL teams. As the quality of cricket in the NCL improves, develop consistent performers with genuine ability in the A Team. That will bridge some of the monumental gap between our alleged first class/list A and the highest level, AND help our guys sustain whatever success they may achieve once they make it.

- Stomp-out lobbying and nepotism.

Get guys who can qualitatively analyze statistics within the reality of our context, and select players with the potential to deliver, and the talent to actually apply that potential in the middle. The selectors MUST attend games and select players based on a reasonable and transparent criterion.

I suggest Shakil Kasem for the job as long as he is allowed to do what he must. Absolute power to achieve specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-phased results. Needless to say, we must have absolute accountability in return. By us I mean Bangladeshi tax payers who pay 25% income tax and much more in Corporate and VAT payments. WE WANT OUR MONEY'S WORTH!

2. A Head Coach who is: -

- Positive, passionate, proactive and a disciplinarian. A motivator who believes in our guys more than they do, but is tough enough to hold them accountable.

- Capable of getting through to our guys and teaching what he needs to teach, and when they don't learn, be caring enough to send them down a level.

- Quick to accept responsibility and slow to accept praise.

জয় বাংলা ! ...
"And do not curse those who call on other than GOD, lest they blaspheme and curse GOD, out of ignorance. We have adorned the works of every group in their eyes. Ultimately, they return to their Lord, then He informs them of everything they had done." (Qur'an 6:108)

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