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Originally Posted by Roey Haque
Cool. Not having Kallis and Lara in the first two teams was an eye opener. Because when making such lists, shouldn't current players automatically carry more weight due to playing against more teams and undoubtedly a more varied and skilled bowling attack backed up by things such as better nutrition and fitness? But awesome collection of 33 players you got now.

17 more needed and you can have your 50 greatest players of all time. And perhaps ESPN or tencricket could one day gather 4 legends and have a draft pick type of show, choosing from the 50 options, to see what different teams are formed. The same way they did in the NBA. Would be a fantastic show.

I'm already recommending Amla for one of those 17 remaining spots. That ODI average(57) is insane by today's standards!
50 greatest players is a whole different thing, talking across all formats. amla is a great player i agree. as far as current players carrying more weight, definitely playing in more conditions against more opposition gives us a great insight into their ability but there are many things to weigh up such as quality of opposition, pitches in different countries at the time, eye-witness accounts etc.
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