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Originally posted by MasterBlaster
not related to the actual purpose of this thread, but it is "kind of" a suggestion as well. So here I go :

Is it possible for the members of the BC Forum to have any insight on what goes in the Board meetings ? Whom does the privilege of having access to such meetings (i.e. upto what ranks of the administration personnels attend the Board meetings ?)

And finally, is BanglaCricket Forum administration entertaining any idea of shedding light for the general members on all the Board meetings that take place ?
mods, any words on this ?
I dont think the general members are interested to know what goes on in the Staff meeting. Those who cares/interested should probably care enough for BC to become staff, there is always work to do and we are constantly looking for new staff, cricman is our latest addition who suggested we have a "this day in bangladesh cricket history" section and will make it happen. So you see, anyone can become staff and then he/she is invited to those meetings and will know what direction BC is heading.
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