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He is who he is,we have to cope with it.

Maybe he may do some good things,maybe get the US economy booming which is good for everyone.
I know he is doing some sad stuff but what choice do we have.
Do we protest like the Democrats and their followers do,which will just make him madder,or engage him.

Think Turnbull here is doing the right thing he is not playing the man,the Greens are telling us to tear up AnZuS,which is crazy,who would defend a richly sourced state from invasion.

I have softened my approach to Ukraine let Russia have it,and maybe China Taiwan and the South West seas in areas.

Fact is under Obama and Clinton we were heading to ww3 with China and Russia,maybe we have to give them some leg room.
Of course we don't want a trade war with China,he showing his immaturity there.
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