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Trump did not happen in a day, it happened because of our bigotry.

We can only take the moral high ground if we are willing to protest against all conservative government who oppress people.

The six gulf countries from GCC do not accept refugees. We remain quiet.
Kuwait bans immigration from 5 countries including Syria and no one says anything.
Saudi Arabia considers their land as holy ground and bans non muslims from a lot of its land and yet we seem to be fine with that.

Anyone writing a blog or critisizing islam has to fear for his life in Bangladesh and Pakistan and yet we decide to ignore, not to mention the same people killing the bloggers and free thinkers are responsible for holey artisan.

We had Vested property act in Bangladesh for 30 years and hindu lands were taken from them and yet we kept a blind eye . Infact 90% of bengalis dont even know what act I am talking about.

So bottom line, if we cannot or did not protest agaisnt the above than we have no right to protest against trump. Because we created Trump.
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