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Originally Posted by Blah
I hate opening new threads so I will just ask here.

Who are these guys?

I think number 3 is jahirul, but not sure. The other two I have no idea.

Speaking on Jahurul, did anyone notice how depressed he looked. even in this picture he's not looking completely happy. I watched the match/highlights and throughout the whole presentation ceremony & when the team posed with the trophy he's face was glum. he didnt even clap for Shakib and Rubel when they got their awards unlike he's teamates. Guys Im worried that he might do a 'Roqubul' since our moha buddiman selectors sat him out the entire series

BTW I know the last thing I should be putting so much focus on is one individual player after the entire team worked their socks off to win in the fashion they did this series, but I think I have a crush on him so...what do do...
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