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Originally Posted by BengaliPagol
I don't mind this too much. As long as Soumya is going bang bang in the other end, Tamim can comfortably play an anchor role with a SR of 80.

So SS (or someone else) need to do the bang bang so that Nawab Tamim can take his time and pad his stat at the cost of the team goal?

No that's the problem with our team. Yes the other opener SS (Litton, who ever he is) need to do his part, and same is true for Tamim. Any top batsman can start slowly, but eventually they need to make up their RR mess. If Tamim (or who ever) stays long and ends up scoring a long innings with low RR, we are screwed in this world Cup.

In ODI woldcup (where it will be batting friendly pitch), there is no room for playing slow all through the innings. It will create unrealistic pressure to his partners.
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