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ummm lets seeee........
I was half raised in S.A where cricket is pretty big, and I remember going to the stadium with my Mum and Dad watching S.A play. At that time S.A was like my fav team in a way. Living In Aus, cricket is pretty big here during summer and coming from a BAngladeshi backgroud, where cricket is BOOM BOOM, its like i was born to like cricket. lol
At one stage we were planing to move to Canada, we got our visa & everything all we needed to do was pack and get tickets, but at the last minute I managed to convince my dad to stay in Aus and my excuse was....... if we move to Canada I won't be able to watch cricket! lol and somehow it worked and we stayed back ( there were other reasons why we stayed back.. but cricket was one of them!). So, I have been following cricket for a while, since i was 5 i think.. or maybe a lot of my life is " Bangladeshi cricket"
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