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Good article.

Excerpts ...

But best enjoy the gulf in performance while it lasts, seemed to be the New Zealand coach's message on the newest member of the test fraternity.

"They have the numbers for it, and they have a lot of financial resources to put into it," Bracewell said.

"They've got passion and that's what they do in Bangladesh [play cricket]. We've got more options to take our talent. They have every chance." ...

... "I can only comment on what I've seen over the last three years and there's a vast difference from the side we played in Bangladesh [in 2004] till now," Bracewell said.

"They tend to rely on a vital few. Having said that, so do we. They have knocked some good teams over."
Some of our issues in New Zealand and Coach Siddons' comments ...

Their biggest problem in the first test is likely to be how to handle the seam and, especially, bounce from New Zealand's fast-medium bowlers. They are brought up on pitches which rarely bounce above stump height.

Some of their attempts at the pull or hook shot during the ODI series were scarily bad, moments you'd avert your eyes for fear of seeing real physical damage inflicted.

Only captain Mohammad Ashraful plays the pull with reasonable assurance. So no guesses where much of the focus for New Zealand's attack will be this week.

They made liberal use of the bouncer and short-pitched ball during the second and third ODIs, after Ashraful had given them a flaying at Eden Park on Boxing Day ...

... "We can survive off the short ball but can't score off it," Bangladesh coach Jamie Siddons said.

And this is not the time to be trying to resolve significant technical issues like that, he added.

"It's hard to change things in the middle of a series. They are trying to learn the game at international level.

We need time away. We have two weeks here, then back to a camp for a month until our next series, against South Africa.

"That's the time we'll get stuck into the short stuff, work on the pull shot and add new skills to their game," Siddons said.
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