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Originally Posted by roman
Argentina might make it past group stage but I am pretty sure they will not make it to the semi. Feeling bad for Mesi already. He deserved to end his career with a world cup. 2014 was his best chance.
In my opinion, messi is a better player than Maradona. And he should leave an Argentinian legacy, not just with Barcelona. All the clips are available from the past to watch and you can make up your own mind. I know Maradona talks a lot as he achieved great things but I would watch messi over the other M anyday of the week.

I hope they go past the group stage.. as long as they go, I will get to see them live in stadium as I have tickets to both possible games whether they are 1 or 2 in the group. I

If you guys know anyone who can get me a Brazil Serbia match, will forever be indebted. Fighting against compouter programs and touts.. very difficult.
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