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Default Fantasy League: 2019 World Cup BC Edition

Hi guys,
Stating BC fantasy league for 2019 WC. So here goes. I will give the points format in a post below

Prize:-The winner of the BC World Cup fantasy 2019 will get a custom title and their name/forum handle color will be light Blue(Color selection can be changed based on forum preference but you will get a unique color to represent you)..except for Mods or Staffs..sorry you guys will still be Light green but custom title will be there!!

Rules for selecting team

-->You need to have One WK and One Captain.

-->WK will score triple Fielding points

-->Captain will score Double points

-->If you want you can select a 4th BD player(outside the above 3 i.e can not be core and mandatory BD batsman and Bowler combo needs to be intact) as your trump card, trump card player will score triple points(this is not mandatory)

Here is the rules for team selection:-

1. Select one player from tamim/shakib/mullah/mushy/mash

2. Select one BD batsman(can not be tamim/shakib/mullah/mushy/mash)

3. Select one BD bowler(can not be tamim/shakib/mullah/mushy/mash)

4. 4th player can be another BD player(outside the above 3) who will be your trump player. This is not mandetory, if you dont want trump player you can select any player from other nations. if you select trump player he'll earn triple points,

5.Select a designated wk. You can only have one designated WK in your team. i.e you cant have both M.S dhoni and Mushfik in your team. but you can have both mushfik and liton in your team as only one is the designated WK for his team

6. Select other players from any team

7. Pick a captain

Team Submission Format

your team combo will look like this with one WK and One Captain
Team Name:- abc

1. BD Player 1(Core 5)
2. BD Player 2(Bat)
3. BD Player 3(Bowl)
4. BD Player 4(Trump) or Other Player 8
5. Other Player 1
6. Other Player 2
7. Other Player 3
8. Other Player 4
9. Other Player 5
10. Other Player 6
11. Other Player 7

Substitute System

-->You can Sub any player as much as you want before the 1st ball of the WC is bowled
-->After The 1st Ball is bowled you will have 10 Subs to use at any time of the WC. But you need to submit the SUB before 1st ball of every Match(for example if you give your sub after 1st ball of Match 1 those Subs will only be counted from Match 2)
-->Your SUB has to be a new player that you haven’t selected before, Once you Sub a player you cannot select him again

For Sub
->Int player with Int player
->Wk with Wk
->Core 5 with Core 5
->BD bat with BD bat
->BD bowl with BD Bowl
->Trump with anyone who is not BD core 5(mash/shak/tam/mush/mullah), if your swap trump with BD player your team combo of mandatory 3 BD player of core5+BAT+Bowl needs to be intact. New BD player will automatically become trump. if you sub with Int player you wont have trump player anymore
-->if BD is out of the World cup, i.e Semi final/Final Stage you can Sub BD players with Int players
-> Subing captain with another player will make him new captain otherwise captain change will count as one sub
-->In case you have an injured player who is Out of the WC ,You can replace him with another player keeping the below team combination intact. This won’t count as Sub and you will still be considered for Substitute Bonus at the end of the tournament.

These are the rules..but you can use them as like as you want as long as team combo is OK

For example you have mushy and stokes and you want to pick shakib and hope

So sub becomes Shakib in place of Mushy and Hope in place of Stokes.

So eventhough you did not sub your wk with another wk, your team combination of one core 5 player and one WK is intact..So this will also work

-->You can score as much as 450 points if you don’t use Subs at all! So there is something for guys who don’t like subs!
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