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Default Nasif

You gotta help me out here...

I just downloaded cricket 2004 from suprnova... How the hell do I install these? it's a rar file. Do I just extract it and then burn it in CD.. if so how? is it like those iso burning? the thing is one rar contains another one... so I have to extract each single one and then burn it?? that's pain.. how did you do it>

While we are at it... you can also help me with another question. I also downloaded encyclopedia 2004 from there..... same story... extracting it gives three more extractable .tar files.. CD1, 2 and 3. I guess I am gonna burn each into one CD. but the question is again simple... do I just burn it like that or do I extract all those's gonna take forever..


ps. I gave up on google search and help long time ago... sorry!
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