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Originally Posted by criccric
But to answer your point that he is different from Pathan because he has not been asked to come earlier in the batting order - This is what I predict will happen - He will continue to play these bits and pieces, non consequential innings like the kind Pathan initially played when he had joined. Soon he will find himself under bigger expectations in crunch situations. On a lucky day, when he is feeling confident, he will pull off a couple of innings. And expectations will supersize and that will make him rethink his role and sooner rather than later he will be asked to come up the order.
A bit of BD cricket history bay be in order here. Mashrafe is with BD team for almost 6 years now and his batting position has remained the same. He does perform with the bat often and with a lot of abundance, presicely because of his batting order. Nothing much is expected of him so he has a go. That is not to say he doesn't have batting abilities but the reality is he's afforded an advantage of his batting order, if you can call it that. Also, unlike Pathan, Mashrafe's the pace speadhead and the others are behind him by some distance and this will protected.

Originally Posted by criccric

Check out the forums here to see if this has not already been talked about more than once.

As they say - be careful of what you asked for coz you may get it.
Fans will discuss and demand anything form the sublime to the ridiculous. Fans' expectations are hardy reasonable all the time. If you take everything every forum discusses as an indication of things to come then I don't have an argument.

Originally Posted by criccric

Its easier to play when there are no expectations as against when you are pinned against expectation. He might even become a handy bat but at what cost.
Prceisely, I've already said that. And the power that be ib BD cricket know it and that is why you haven't seen Mashrafe batting up the order in 6 years.
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