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Originally Posted by Purbasha T
iv) It's best to AVOID any girl who has had a relationship: Practicing Muslim men normally wouldn't say yes to women who is of the opinion that having physical relationships before marriage is fine. But would you consider someone who may have been in relationships before but presently regret their actions?
Any guy or girl has the right to demand someone who never had relationships; it is just that it is hypocritical when one of them demands it despite him not having been similarly pure. (I'm not talking about the OP) I have had friends who had GFs but were dead against marrying them , their absurd reasoning was "I wouldnt want to marry someone free enough to sleep around before marriage"

Similarly, if someone regret their actions, it it upto the prospective guy/girl and many times people do overlook.

If this is an issue, it is best for both parties to be clear about their past without going into details so that there is an understanding before marriage.

And yes, even with such growing cases, there are plenty of boys and girls who choose to remain chaste though it may not be immediately apparent .
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