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Originally Posted by Sohel
As a repeat divorcee whose love marriages failed not because of lack of sustained love and other factors but because they weren't arranged and the issue of virginity wasn't an issue, I now want a virgin whose virginity isn't just sexual, but also psychosomatic and sociopolitical. Her favorite drink must be either Virgin Cola or Virgin Orange. Studies have shown that Virgin Lemon will inevitably lead to a state of total existential corruption. She must also insist on flying Virgin Airlines, buy music published only by Virgin Records, and settle in Virginia.
haha. damn that was a good post. I didn't think Sohel bhai's post would be this funny. He is like a virgin when it comes to comedy.

What should be her name sohel bhai?

Man we are frustrated trying to get one wife, sohel bhai got 5 or 6, he is a superman. But what i don't understand is how does he still frequent those fancy restaurants in dhaka and live in fancy town in dhaka? his wealth should be like original wealth * .5^6 ...
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