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Originally Posted by Fazal
Yes Sakib is still one the best players in the team, but he is not irreplaceable. I ma not asking him to be replaced but I don't believe nobody is irreplaceable in the team... not even Sakib.

People have a false feeling that x is irreplaceable or Y cannot be replaced....but histroy tells goes with or without most important player in the team. Of course it will not be smooth, we will face some hiccups.... but life moves on.
Everyone is replaceable but what is not replaceable is the name of the player and the output from that x player. Sometimes the name alone strikes fear.

Just look at Pakistan for an example. At one point, it was full of great players and the output from them were magnificent. Look at them now. Everyone has been replaced but the output from the new bunch is not even on par compared to the ones they replaced.
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