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Originally Posted by Tausif
I can't believe some of you actually want him to be dropped. The guy has been averaging 50 for the last 12 months in this format and has done decent with the bowling too. He fills in for two players and is arguably one of our best. You can't replace him, on T20s and ODIs maybe, but not on tests.

Granted his gung ho approach and dekhaiya dimu attitude is annoying and sometimes puts the team in dangerous situations but you can't deny his contributions to the team.

Best thing for the team would be to drop him down the order. Make him come at 6 or 7.
Drop him or not.... that's not my decision as a fan, bcb need to make the decision. But something need to be done to address his behavior. It was a slap in the face to the cricket fans. This cannot continue to happen... even after he scored the century.... without any mitigating steps (what ever it may be) if these kind of behavior is continued ... this will ruin Bangladesh Cricket in world arena...we will be a dysfunctional team and a laughing stock.
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