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My contracts:

Bangla Red (Batsman, RHB, LAS) (bangla-red) AA (C)
Bujhee Kom (Batsman, RHB, RLS) (bujhee kom) AA
Dhrubo (Batsman, RHB, RFM) (Dhrubo) B
Razi (Batsman, LHB, ROS) (Razi) C
Nzfan (Batsman, LHB, LAS) (nzfan) C
Ashfaq Siraji (Batsman, RHB, ROS) (Siraji) C
F1-mania (Batsman, RHB, RM) (F1-mania) D

Akib (Wicketkeeper Batsman, RHB, RLS) (Akib) B

Purbasha Talukder (Pure All-Rounder, RHB, RFM) (Purbasha T) B
Sadi (Pure All-Rounder, RHB, RFM) (WarWolf) B

Niv (Bowler, RHB, RLS) (Niv) A
Gopal Bhar (Bowler, RHB, LF) (ZeeshanM) A
Sidratul Baizeed (Bowler, RHB, RFM) (sbsash) B
Abz Yemon (Bowler, RHB, RF) (abz..+) C

Vice Captain: Niv

Team name: Awesome BCites
Nick: ABC
Logo, Kits: Waiting for Akib/someone with good graphics XD.
Stadium: Awesome Arena

I need a 3 letter abbreviation, contracts, A TEAM NAME WITH LESS THAN 20 CHARACTERS, A STADIUM NAME WITH LESS THAN 15 CHARACTERS from Rifat...

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