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Originally Posted by firstlane
Well I will stop here and be a generous host. I know whats truth and whats not. But seriously what does that say about themselves? Out commentators get paid by tv channels as well but i assure you they would never speak like that even about a team ranked way below us in any sport coz we fans don't appreciate that.
sidhu speaks like a moron, no two ways about it. would it be any consolation that he pi$$ed off the Indian players so much during 2003 WC with his comments that after winning every match they were crushing beer cans under their feet saying "this is sidhu". fact is, he pi$$es off anyone he speaks about, there is NOTHING Indian V BD about it.

as for bhogle's article, I think you are doing a big disservice to him. banana skin simply means that India is expected to win a BD match and a loss is an outside chance.

India's attitude to the first game will be just as revealing. In the minds of many in the media this could be a banana-skin game: a tricky opener against a side that capsized them in 2007.
what exactly is wrong with this statement ? where do you see any 'disrespect' to BD, other than in your imagination ?

in the same article he says about Bangladesh
I will be very interested in seeing how Bangladesh respond to that situation. They could either use it as an expression of confidence, as the biggest opportunity in their cricket, and swagger out or they could be crushed by it, only taking tentative steps. If they fear defeat they will find it galloping towards them. It will test their attitude, and most important, it will test their leadership, because not qualifying for the quarter-final will be seen as a major blow.
does any of these sound like he is questioning BD's ability to compete with the top nations in cricket ?
why do people like you insist on twisting everything an Indian says to make it appear sinister ? for every anti-BD comment in cricinfo I can show you 2 that are very supportive. same goes for BD supporters about India as well.
why do you consider only one type while ignoring the other ? get rid of the blind hate man, it's not good for your health.
Anything can be sacrificed for truth,
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