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Originally Posted by Sohel NR
In theory, yes. Provided (when either setting a target or chasing a big one, say 160+):

1) Both try to take advantage of the powerplay by trying to clear the ring with high percentage, well selected, non-premeditated shots. Possible because both sight quality deliveries extremely well and early. Try to rotate strike and try to gaps if the bowling's that great. If none is available, focus on proper, not jumpy, premeditated or downright awkward defense and survive the spells by getting your eye-in and patiently waiting for good opportunities.

2) Both try to consolidate their respective innings through well executed strike rotation, and putting the loose deliveries away safely after the aforesaid powerplay, if their partnership manages to survive those overs.

3) Both switch gears if and when required by the match situation at hand. If one is playing a sheet-anchor, he must up the ante if his partner's getting bogged down and vice versa.

In other words, they need to be flexible while playing each ball according to its merit within the context of the match, rather than trying to execute a premeditated and stringent plan rendered increasingly implausible by what's actually happening in the middle.
Great readable analysis.
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