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Originally Posted by Jadukor
I like the left right combination so i would try Junaid for a couple of games. I am not his biggest fan but Junaid seems to time the ball well from the begining. He has an average of 26 and strikes it at nearly 160
Junaid's a lefty, so I assume you're talking about benching Tamim. Not sure how wise that would be considering:

1. He's our best, most consistent opener by a mile. He's significantly better than any other opener in our history, on the current bench or in the pipeline. Tamim at his best is better than others at their best, period.

2. He hasn't played many T20 matches on account of his National Team duties. He was kept on the bench during the BPL as well as the IPL. Therefore, these practice matches are a good way for him to find his rhythm in this format. If the last match is an indication, I'd like to think he's beginning to find it.

I wouldn't bench him to try Junaid, Imrul or any other lefty to open for us.

I am somewhat skeptical about Ashraful but don't feel anyone will do sustainably better under the circumstances. I'd also like to see if Coach Pybus can get him to play right the way Ian Pont somewhat managed as Head Coach of DG. Again, if the last match is any indication, I'd like to think he's beginning to respond positively to Pybus.

Here's my detailed assessment from another thread.

Originally Posted by Sohel NR
One doesn't need to be rocket scientist to understand what has been Mtin's strategy of late. He's being overly cautious not to throw away his wicket before scoring a certain number of runs, my guess is 30+ in all formats. He must think he has the confidence in his ability to accelerate later, and make up for the lowish SR brought upon by his tentative approach. Sadly, we have yet to see him actually accelerate when required by the match situation. Instead we see him blowing power plays, perhaps because he's scared ****less playing lofted shots over the ring for good reason, and creating added pressure on his partners with disastrous results.

A sheet-anchor is acutely aware of the match situation and rotates the strike accordingly while putting the bad delivery away. Tamim wasn't connecting jack yesterday. The commentary suggested quite a few swing-and-misses. Yet Mtin didn't seem to try and alter his predetermined gameplan at all, and played his part in wasting a powerplay. Shakib and others tried to compensate by playing low percentage shots and got out. He also may have run someone out during his innings.

A sheet-anchor plays for his team first, not to preserve his troubled career at the highest level at the expense of his team. Nasir was the real sheet-anchor yesterday and accelerated when needed. He will hit out or get out when the time comes. Not wait to accelerate and then die waiting. That kind of overly cautious approach will give Mtin 180 extra balls to wait-on in ODIs, but this is T20I.

Anyway, he has been putting runs on the board and I'm sure Coach Pybus has briefed him on what needs to be done differently for this briefest of formats with unique challenges and rhythms. Let us see if he delivers. I don't think the usual suspects will do any better than him. I don't think they can edge their way through the powerplay on more than just a few occasions. We need fresh blood here, and when they do get a shot, they must make 'em count.
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