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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Didn't like it. What's the point of reduced fee for 12/13 and 14? I would have preferred the same for all of them. OR

Same for 12/13/14 all of them....

Otherwise, it gives an opportunity for people to use tis power to manipulate players...I.e. "Oi Baeta, beshi Kotha kobina, taile 14 number bajaye dimu" this attitude is there in all corrupt management ...

But first of All, Match fees should be connected with winning and losing. Winning team should get a better match fee, that would bring more competitive attitude amongst the teams. A culture could be built at the domestic level....
I agree with whatever you mentioned in your post.

IMO, apart from the match fee difference between a winning and a losing side, there should also be personal bonuses. Like if you score a 50, you get a bonus of x. If you score a 100, get a bonus of y. If you take 5 wickets, get a bonus of z. Also, seasonal performances can be considered. If at the end of the season, if you have crossed a particular milestone, you get a good bonus. I'm not sure if this is in place for the NCL atm. But this is how it works in a Football contract.
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