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Why can't they plan at least a year ahead?? How these kind of things can even be organized in such short notice?? Same thing happened itch BPL, if they would do the first BPL in 2013 they would have enough time to organize it in a much better way. Always in a hurry to do things, but in a messy way... As if quality of work really doesn't matter to them. Just busy to to take credit, I have done this and that bla bla... That's the reason they do it...

LK will keep referring all his life, I was the person to start franchise based NCL, I was the person to start BPL ... But at the cost f it's quality ... And these are rather damaging our reputation every where...we are already seeing the opinions on BPL... Now a 4 team franchise based NCL.. Why can't they organize the franchises and do it in a more organized way with all 8 teams, next year??
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