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Tapash as well
Tapash was very ordinary. He bowled reasonable at the start. If you bowl full and straight to Ponting early on you will always have a chance and Tapash got his man. But after Hayden hit him for six he hardly put one ball where it should have gone. Too short, followed by too wide followed by a fulltoss and a no-ball in there as well. Tapash bowled very poorly after about his fifth over. Martyn and Clarke weren't undone by good bowling, they both threw their wickets away and the 67 runs he went for showed it and it could have been a lot worse with the front-foot problems.

Rafique bowled very very well considering the field settings and Mashrafe was unlucky to pick up only 1 wicket. Rafique kept it together when Australia were looking to consolidate and then press on but he kept it tight and didn't give the Australians an inch. Mashrafe made life very difficult in the opening overs and took advantage of the pitch.

I think Mashrafe has learned a lot since making his debut (even if he hasn't played that much). This was evident at the death as Tapash and Nazmul were trying too much. Nazmul in particular, he tried for that yorker and put too much in. The result was half a dozen fulltosses which at least three got dispatched to the boundary. Then Mashrafe came on and the experience was obvious as he hit the deck hard and persisted with line and length. Hussey is a class player and will always find ways to score but I thought Mashrafe bowled very well throughout.

If Mashrafe got complacent early on or fell into the same traps as Nazmul and Tapash or if Rafique decided that he'd use the field Bashar set and just let them score singles regularly then Australia would have got around 300 which would definately have been too much for our batsmen.

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