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Yup. I think the NYT actually has business arrangements with FSG - so they were afraid of their global brand being tarnished.

What Liverpool did last night, was something they should have done months ago, and this whole saga would have been forgotten. Instead they decided(wrongly) to look at the issue through the eyes of a rivalry, and not what it was...something bigger than a mere football match.

This was about racism, and rising above our differences to speak out against it, instead they started a smear campaign to slander the victim. Repeatedly lying and saying that Evra has a history of playing the race card(he has NEVER done this in the past) and that he was unreliable as a witness.

Oh well, while they haven't offered Evra a direct apology, they apologized to United, and United accepted it. Hopefully everyone has learned a few lessons, and we can all move on.

*Liverpool have to fire their PR people - horrible, horrible.
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