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Here's a related true story:

Backwoods of the great state of Minnesota are clouded with these bloodsuckers. My personal experience while fishing on the Mississippi is - their problem is worse than Bangladesh. The volume, number, size and the health of these mosquitoes are vastly larger than ours. I wondered with the locals why they let such a problem get so out of hand.

"Well, we don't want to use chemicals or insecticides - they might harm the environment"

-Have you done ANYTHING to tackle this problem?

-Yes. The health department has brought in hundreds of bats from Florida and let them loose in here.


-Yes. One bat can eat up to 300 pounds of these suckers in a year.

-So, those flying creatures in the distance are not birds after all? Huh?

-No sir, them are the damn bats, doing their work.

At this point, I just wrapped up my rig, wasn't sure which one was better - just mosquitoes or mosquitoes AND bats. I hate bats. I really hate bats. To me, bats are just giant mosquitoes.

Come to think of it, I haven't been back fishing there ever since.
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