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Originally Posted by I_Knockout_U
Fazal bhai, its hard to find threads you dont ask questions these days! Its became your habit. But i like what you ask including your posts.

Well, my suggestions came from Ghandi's teaching" bum gale kew chor dile, dan gal agiye diben". Gandhi didnt teach what should do "jodi dui gale chor dei".

... if they bite both mother and son at the same time, what do you do?
find an orphan.

... if you don;t have a girlfriend/wife, what do you do?
do porkia

... they bite both leg at the same time, what do you do?
Find middle leg. You should have one.
thats something new for them. they will be ashamed. Jodi oder shamanno poriman lojjabodh thake roktha kawa bondhu kore dibe.
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