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Originally Posted by kalpurush
Then you get the sort of SA result !

You have to work with both - no one is better than the other - cricket is a team game after all.
I respectfully disagree. You may need to work with both, but that's doesn't mean you value both the same.

Between a coach/authoritative figure and players, they cannot be same. You compromise the authoritative figure in the name of "work with both" the team will not function. In a fight between a player and a coach, coach need to have the final say otherise there will be no discipline.

Now the performance of a coach need to be evaluated independently. that's a different story. But in a fight between a reputable coach (who have proved himself in the past) and player, I will always be with the coach....otherwise the team will decay anyway.

btw in this fight between haturu and Rahim (the captain), in my mind haturu have some credibility and whiny Rahim (the captain) has none.
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