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Default The hard way in the best way!

and performance is the key! performance under pressure is what separates men from boys, not Talent! International Cricket is a men's game and Ashraful needs to grow up! He has to learn the hard way. Some time off from International cricket isn't all that bad. he is not gonna starve to death. Heck! he probably lives at home with his parents who take care of him and feed him n' all. Some time off might just help him put things in perspective and make him realise how bad he wants to be in the team, increase his hunger! I think the selectors are sending the right message. Consistent performance is the only guarantee of your spot on the team and nothing else. Besides everyone knows what Ash is capable of, I am guessing an obvious motive for the selectors and coach to go for all newish practice teams is to get maximum exposure to the maximum number of prospective talents. Ashraful will probably make a comeback sometime in the future once he gets some mental stamina to go with his physical game. No need to cry rivers for him really. He doesn't need to be told its a shame he was not given more chances, rather he should to be told to shape up and turn it on, coz the competition is getting hot. Thats what will help him.
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