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Default Setting personal targets

If one takes a pain to list the merits coming out of recent Bangladesh cricket, fan enthusiasm will be sure to hover around the top, and that both in capacity and intensity. The reason for bringing up enthusiasm in the context of the merits is that the widespread enthusiasm have always played a self-stimulating role in uplifting the concerned field of interest.

Besides the obvious effects, it may not hurt to add some deliberations in the process. As far as amenities and accomodations are concerned, currently we are in a state arguably better than any time before, and improving(hopefully). But, in spite of the recent improvements in all the areas i.e. batting, bowling and fielding, we seem to be dwelling on a quasi-euphoric-plateau for quite sometime, as was mentioned by someone else on the board. This may not necessarily be looked at as a very untowardly state, as these intermittent plateaus along with the developing ascents creates the staircase to success. But nevertheless, to keep it on the course we need those ascents, sometimes with deliberate thrusts.

One thing that Whatmore mentioned while giving way to his exasperation at the outcome of the ODI against WI, seemed to me to be as important as anything else. It was about the players setting their own personal targets. We know all players have their own persnal targets, but still many of them may feel the need for further improvements. We know this is an issue that is more a cultural and sociological one, but nevertheless it has a tremendous importance for the boost of the sport in the international arena. In addition with what the physios and other specialists are doing in this sector, I hope many of the 'thinkers' will come up with different useful ideas.

I would like to propound an idea of monetary incentive, sponsored, possibly, by corporate bodys. Announcement of awards for each small achievements in the field may go step-by-step with the players' course towards a team success. Given the interest the corporate bodys are taking in the sport, it might be easy to pursue them to this scheme. Awards may be declared for all the wins, hundreds, fifties, catches, wickets, running-outs, stumpings, partnership records, man-of-the-match's and why not for double hundreds and hattricks. And to add with that, Banglacricket may want to pioneer in this regard, even if symbollically so, for example, for the first century in the coming test.

When this is just one idea from my part, I hope, fellow fans will be coming up with numerous ideas which will be easy to put into work. At least that will be one of the merits of fan enthusiasm.
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