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Default Bulbul's interview with Miraz

i would like to take this opportunity to thank miraz for his candid interview with bulbul. it was an intriguing interview indeed and i wholehearedly agree with his takes on the current and future state of bangladesh cricket. i think he just hit the nail right on the head in terms of why bangladesh's cricket have failed to produce reasonable performance so far.

obviously hiring a good foriegn coach is a step into the right direction but in order to capitalize coach's full capabilities and potential we have no other option but to focus on what bulbul emphasized during his interview with miraz that we got to develop infrastructure, very competetive country wide league, participation of foreign players and introducing 2/3 days game in school level cricket (Nirman Cricket, if anyone remembers). introducing 2/3 days match in the school level would be the breeding ground for developing test playing mentality for the batsman because that is the best time to internalize this kind of cognitive skills and when they move to the senior level @ 18/20 years old, this would become habit and would improve batsman's reflex dramatically.

Again, thanks bulbul and miraz for the insight, bulbul keep up the good work and history will do you a justice! just remember there is a life after BCB.
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